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Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor


Full Time

About the Role

The person in this position, under the direction of the Entertainment Manager and in collaboration with the Technical Supervisor, Studio Supervisor, Band Leader and Choreo Coach, is responsible for the production, implementation, and artistic quality control of all entertainment show formats.

Area of responsibility

  • The person in this position, under the direction of the Entertainment Manager and in collaboration with the Technical Supervisor, Studio Supervisor, Band Leader and Choreo Coach, is responsible for the production, implementation, and artistic quality control of all entertainment show formats.

  • The Company expects each shipboard employee to consistently exemplify the ship product philosophy principles to all team members. Furthermore, all duties and responsibilities must be performed as per ISM/ISO and SQM standards, USPH guidelines, and environmental, hygiene, and safety policies.

  • Every crew member can be required to perform all functions in the various service areas throughout the ship.

  • For every crew member, the fulfillment of host duties towards passengers ("Side Duties") is part of the scope of their duties. This includes, in particular, but not exclusively, guest guiding or greeting at events such as theatre admission, embarkation days, tender operations, passport controls, public holidays etc.

  • All employees must behave politely and professionally at all times. This applies to the physical and verbal contact with guests or colleagues and all areas in which contact with guests and crew members occurs.

Scope of duties 

  • Responsibility for the workflow in the theater as well as in relation to staff reporting directly to him/her and related administrative tasks, in close cooperation with the Management- and Supervisor-team on board. 

  • Disciplinary leadership of the following Entertainment Department staff and related administrative activities.

  • Artistic implementation and conceptual execution of the entertainment program under the overall direction of the Entertainment Manager and in cooperation with the Supervisor-team. This applies as well for new concepts and shows as requested and in coordination with the company's program.

  • Planning and execution of all entertainment formats in the theater as well as all performances by staff directly reporting to him/her in various locations such as pool deck, bars and restaurants on board. Supervision of all other events in the theater. Including the coordination and an overview of the involved technology, music, costumes, choreography, and artistry.

  • Attending and implementing guest artist shows in the theater, working closely with the Technical Supervisor and Technicians. Supervision and attending to show set-up with focus on content-artistic implementation as well as assistance of guest artists.

  • Collaboration with and guidance of the Band Leader and Choreo Coach in developing synergies and new concepts on board. Hereby examining the artistic feasibility and conception.

  • Supervision and guidance of the artists and technicians in the conceptual preparation and implementation of new show formats, including rehearsal management as well as stage management during the shows.

  • Substitution and assumption of the duties of the Entertainment Manager in emergencies and after approval by the onshore management, in accordance with the "Step-Up" system. This requires a basic understanding of the EM's basic duties and responsibilities which has to be developed in advance during the normal day-to-day operations.

  • Function of show management for all repertory shows by Cruise Liner Program in the theater and other venues, as well as the formats conceived on board.

  • Function and duties of a stage manager in the theater and other venues (pool deck, restaurants, etc.), especially calling of shows under strict consideration of possible safety risks for persons and equipment.

  • Creation of callsheets or call books when installing new shows or after revision when taking over from other ships. Maintaining and updating callsheets/callbooks and handing over to replacement.

  • Planning and leading repertoire rehearsals with artists directly subordinate to him including giving notes / corrections. Planning and leading of re-staging or put-in rehearsals in case of cancellations or change of performers, working closely with the Choreo Coach, Band Leader and Technical Team.

  • Attendance of all rehearsals during cast changes in the theater and other locations on board as an assistant director to become familiar with quality standards and to ensure consistent quality after taking over shows. Coordination of all rehearsals in the theater and with respect to subordinates in close consultation with the Cruise Liner Program and Entertainment Management and Supervisor-team on board.

  • Organizational responsibility for the content implementation of the entertainment activities and the course of the pool parties under the direction of and in coordination with the Entertainment Manager, as well as the assumption of stage management for events on the pool deck. This also applies to other entertainment events and formats in other locations and venues on board.

  • Quality control of shows and programs in the theater and other areas and venues (pool deck, bars, restaurants, etc.), in cooperation with the Entertainment Management and Supervisor-team on board.

  • Participation in the voyage planning of the Entertainment Program, under the guidance of the Entertainment Manager and in collaboration with the Supervisor-team, focusing on the disposition of the staff reporting directly to him/her.

  • Editing and control of the daily and operational schedule in coordination with the Entertainment Management and Supervisor-team, with a focus on the staff directly reporting to him/her.

  • Artistic and organizational development of crew shows and their administrative processing.

  •  Conducts regular meetings with staff reporting directly to him/her (at least once per cruise).

  • Conducts Pre-Departure Safety Training (PDST) for all incoming Entertainment Team members.

  • Administrative handling of the assignment of follow-spot operators.

  • Overseeing the preparation of the Dresser Report as per SOP. 

  •  Informing the Entertainment Manager in writing and/or in person of all conflicts and disruptions in the workflow.

  • Creating or updating detailed handover protocols/manuals for the replacement as well as conducting a detailed introduction for the replacement to the work area and responsibilities.

  • Supervision of handovers including documentation of crew members reporting directly to him/her.

  • Preparation of an End of Cruise Report for the Entertainment Manager once per cruise.

  • Assisting in the preparation of appraisals of employees reporting directly to him/her.

  • Ensuring a clean and well-maintained condition in the public theater area, writing AVOs as necessary and initiating action with the assistance of Housekeeping.

  • Ensuring a clean and neat condition in the backstage area of the theater, with particular attention to safety and sanitation regulations, and instructing Dressers in this regard.

  • Review of work area orders, strictly adhering to budgetary and other guidelines, in consultation with the Entertainment Manager.

  • Knowledge of the assigned safety number (from the ship's statutes) and the associated safety task.

  • Continuous improvement of workflow and standards, including input to manuals and regulations.

  • General filing, administrative duties, emails, etc.

  • Additional functions must be assumed during handover and time spent in the shipyard as well as during cast changes.

  • Treating corporate information as confidential, even after your contract has ended.

  • Knowledge, adherence and implementation of all company policies and procedures

  •  Understanding and implementation of the company’s environmental regulations in the workplace.

  • Ensuring the careful treatment of all company property.

  • Contact person for all passengers in the event of problems and complaints.

  • Active integration in the ship’s community.

  • Active implementation of the product philosophy.

  • Ensures that all work is carried out in the most economical manner possible and in accordance with the agreed quality standards.

  • Compliance with shipboard regulations.

Qualification/Work Experience

  • Completed training or studies in the field of directing / stage management / dramaturgy / cultural management.

  • Professional experience in performance management and/or assistant directing (focus on musical theater / shows).

  • Overall understanding of the interaction of all crafts in shows (music, dance, acrobatics, technical, costume, direction).

  • Experience in scheduling and rehearsal management.

  • Professional experience in stage management / as a caller or stage manager is desirable.

  • Experience in managing teams of artists / companies is desirable.

  • First directing experience is desirable.

  • Experience as a leader and in personnel management.

  • Experience in working and interacting with artists and technicians.

  • Experience in guiding team development potential/needs.

  • Business fluent in German and English (written and spoken); other language skills are a plus.

  • Experience in complaint management.

  • Experience in the tourism event sector is desirable - preferably on board a cruise ship.

  • Strong understanding of service and customer orientation.

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