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Why Work With Us

We are dedicated to finding the right candidate for each position based on the client's specific criteria. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and first-hand experience on board, we have all the knowledge and tools to help make your recruiting experience easier. 


Let us find you the best possible candidates for your onboard positions. Using our successful online marketing strategies and our extensive database, we carefully screen applicants to find the perfect selection of talent for you to choose from. 


Get To Know Us

Our client needs and requirements are our top priority for any candidate search moving forward; hence, a deep understanding of the company's job requirements and culture is fundamental.

Live Auditions

We offer open and closed singer/dancer/specialty act auditions, including technician interviews, carefully organized based on your requirements and equipment onboard. We take care of every aspect of an audition, including pre-screening and selecting the best candidates prior to auditions.


Advertising on various platforms, as well as scouting services (seeking and approaching candidates not actively in the job market), and screening/selection of quality candidates from our extensive database. 


Thorough screening of applicants, including a rigorous interview process and reference check.  All applicants and talents are carefully pre-screened before auditions, castings, and interviews to ensure that you have the best possible candidates to select from.

Pre-Employment Documentation

Handle all necessary communication between future employees and employers, including job offers, informative material for joining the company, and salary negotiations. We assist with pre-employment documentation - all pre-employment paperwork as per company requirements, including PEME, VISA applications, STCW training, background checks, and Seaman's Book applications - to ensure paperwork is up-to-date and completed on time.

Executive Recruitment

Joining forces with 5EM is a synergetic experience. Our senior consultants have a deep understanding of business strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and HR to apply for each executive search and deliver the top senior-level candidates for your consideration. Contact us for more details.

Work With Us To

Find Your Top Talent

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