I’ve applied, now what?

We will get in touch with you once your application is received to either inform you about current opportunities, to invite you for an interview/casting/audition or if we need more information/showreels etc.

When will I receive a contract offer?

It all depends on how many positions are available at the time. Some successful candidates will be offered a contract that starts within a week or two, others might only receive an offer after 6 months.

How long are the contracts for?

Depending on your position on board contract can range from 3-6 months on board.

How much will I get paid?

Depending on your position and experience, as well as the Cruise Liner, salaries vary.

What will my working hours be?

Approx 75 hours per week. Working on board a ship is very much different from working on land and thus working hours are also varied. Some days you may work more than others for example: Sea days (days the ship is at sea) you may be expected to work more hours as there may be more shows as opposed to port days (days the ship is docked). It goes without saying that if necessary, during an emergency situation you will be expected to work additional hours in order to perform your safety duties on board.

Do I pay any fees in order to be considered/hired?

Applications are FREE. NO admin/agency fees will be charged.

What should I wear to auditions?

We kindly request all dancers/specialty acts to wear black, form fitting attire. No baggy pants and shirts. Singer to be presentable and look the part, full make-up and hair done. First impressions count.

I’m hired. What happens next?

In order to join your ship your need to successfully complete and pass a Seafarers Medical to be performed by a Maritime Approved Medical Practitioner. Depending on your itinerary you might need a visa in order to join your ship. A background check/Police Clearance may be requested by the company.

Cost outline:

Seafarers Medical: R3000 – R5000 (Depending on the Dr and position on board, including vaccinations)

Visa: Schengen visa: €60 (approx. R1000), C1D visa: USD$160 (approx. R2332)

Police Clearance: R114

Where does the ship cruise?

Cruise liners cruise worldwide to various amazing destinations such as the Mediterranean, British Isles, Asia, the Baltic, Norway, Iceland, Canada, USA and Caribbean, just to name a few.

Do I get time off to go ashore?

Yes. During port days, you are welcome to go ashore and enjoy the local excursions during your off time.

Do I have internet/phone service on board?

Yes. Internet/WiFi is available on board, but it’s not free. You can purchase phone cards on board in order to contact family/friends while at sea. The best, most affordable option is to wait for port days and make use of free WiFi ashore in order to Skype or call home.

Where do I stay on board?

Accommodation is free on board and you will usually share a cabin with a colleague of the same sex. It may be that you share the cabin as well as a bathroom between two cabins. Singers have their own cabin. Port holes (windows) are not guaranteed as cabins are below deck. Cabins are comfortable with 2 bunk beds, TV, desk, cupboard and bathroom (shower, basin and toilet).

Do I have to pay for travel?

Your travel costs to join the ship and back home after your contract will be covered by the Company.

Am I medically insured whilst on board?

You will be medically insured whilst on board. There is a medical centre available on board if you do get ill. The Company can also organize for you to see a Specialist ashore if necessary.