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  • I’ve applied, now what?"
    We will get in touch with you once your application is received to either inform you about current opportunities, to invite you for an interview/casting/audition or if we need more information/showreels etc.
  • When will I receive a contract offer?
    It all depends on how many positions are available at the time. Some successful candidates will be offered a contract that starts within a week or two, others might only receive an offer after 6 months.
  • How long are the contracts for?
    Depending on your position on board contract can range from 3-6 months on board.
  • How much will I get paid?
    Depending on your position and experience, as well as the Cruise Liner, salaries vary.
  • What will my working hours be?
    Approx 75 hours per week. Working on board a ship is very much different from working on land and thus working hours are also varied. Some days you may work more than others for example: Sea days (days the ship is at sea) you may be expected to work more hours as there may be more shows as opposed to port days (days the ship is docked). It goes without saying that if necessary, during an emergency situation you will be expected to work additional hours in order to perform your safety duties on board.
  • Do I pay any fees in order to be considered/hired?
    Applications are FREE. NO admin/agency fees will be charged.
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