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Audition Tips for Performing Artists

Updated: Jun 24

The performing artist's career path can be risky and unpredictable. Auditioning is a crucial component of this career path, so it's necessary to understand how you can navigate them with ease and confidence. Auditioning can feel intimidating for any artist- particularly for new and emerging artists who don't have much experience with any auditioning process. However, there are ways to help you make the process easier.

A microphone used on stage
Image by Arjen Klijs (Pexels)

Here are a few tips that may help you with your audition process:

Be Prepared and Punctual

Make sure you've taken the time to practice your audition as much as possible. That includes memorizing your routine to the point where it flows naturally. However, be careful about over-preparing, as it could add to your nerves, and your audition could risk feeling forced and unnatural. Be prompt and ready for your audition- you don't want to waste anyone's time. It would benefit you greatly to be there early enough to allow enough time for your warm-ups and other preparations beforehand. Make sure to have a backup plan if the people you're auditioning for require it.

Be Confident

Confidence is being sure of your abilities. It doesn't come easy, and often it has to be faked. Trust your abilities, skills, and talent to help you get through your audition. To help them feel confident, many performing artists create a stage persona when they are performing. An on-stage persona allows performing artists to distance themselves personality-wise from who they are in real life. In many instances, personality trumps talent. So get creative and have fun.

Dress Appropriately
A dancer performing on stage
Image by Freepik (Freepik)

It's a simple and quite obvious tip, but how you dress for your audition sets a first impression. So it's necessary to dress accordingly. If you're an acrobat or circus performer, don't wear jeans or other clothing that restricts movement. Dress comfortably but be sure not to dress too casually. Dressing too casually will make you seem unprofessional. Don't be too showy, either. Many auditions have a specific dress code, so pay attention and dress accordingly. Here at Five Entertainment Management, we require you to wear a black form-fitting outfit meaning no baggy clothing is allowed. We also require you to look presentable and to have your full make-up and hair done.

Focus on Your Art

Performance is an art, so make sure that's your focus when auditioning. It is an expression of emotions through our bodies and voices that takes a lot of imagination and creativity. Showcase your best skills, and don't get caught up in trying something new. You're there to show off your talents, skills, and art, so use your strengths to get the most out of your audition. Don't focus too much on what you think the people you're auditioning for are looking for. You're there to prove yourself, and that's that.

Make the objective of your audition to have fun. Don't get discouraged if you don't get hired. Learn from your mistakes and move on. The people you're auditioning for were probably looking for a different style. Remember to stay focused and professional.

Good luck.


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