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Benefits of Working on a Cruise Ship

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

When working on a cruise ship, you're choosing to explore an unknown world and getting ready to embark on a new adventure.

There are many benefits to working on a cruise ship. Here are a few:

You Get Paid to Travel

Travelling provides rare life experiences that cannot be taught in books and on TV. It is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime for many. When working on cruise ships, you can explore the local surroundings when the ship ports. Stretch your legs and visit the local markets, grab a bit of delicious and authentic cuisine, or practice your foreign language skills by conversing with locals. Not to mention the stunning photos you'll take for your social media pages. Cruise liners travel to various destinations, so one place will never feel like the other. Some regions that cruise ships will visit include Scandinavia, the British Isles, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, North America, Asia, and the Baltics. So make the most out of your travels as possible.

A happy piggy bank for saving money
Image by Maitree Rimthong (Pexels)
You Get To Save Money

While salaries may vary based on position and experience, one of the key benefits of working on a cruise ship includes saving money. The cost of living while working on board is low, meaning that accommodation is free and there are no extra bills to pay. Working on board also means that you are medically insured, so if you get sick or injured, you can get treated at the cruise's medical center. Many cruise ships offer discounts for those working on board, so anything you purchase will work out cheaper. Extra expenses include paying for phone cards to contact loved ones and other souvenirs or food during your local excursions while the ship is at the port. The rest can go right into your savings.

You Get To Spruce Up Your CV

Working on board allows you to develop skills and experience that help you stand out from other applicants. It also shows the amount of dedication and passion you have for your work. Working months away from home isn't easy for most people. Working on cruise ships allows for networking potential. You never know who you're going to meet while working on board. For performance artists, working on board can help provide extraordinary and unique portfolio pieces. Not to mention the stunning visuals that will allow you to create impressive new reels.

Meeting a new person
Image by Negative Space (Pexels)
You Get To Meet New and Interesting People

Not only will working on board help you network for career opportunities, but you will also develop new friendships from around the world. In general, travel allows you to interact with diverse groups of people, which will deepen your understanding of languages and cultures. Whether it's other performers, crew members, or even locals where the ship is at port- you may develop a new lifelong friendship.

Working on a cruise ship opens your eyes to the world. It is hard work, but the benefits make it rewarding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many covet. So have fun and make the most of it.


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