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Career Benefits of Working on a Cruise Ship

There are many benefits to working on a cruise ship. These can include saving money, meeting new people, and exploring different places. But did you know that working on board can also help you boost your career?

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Here are a few benefits that working on a cruise ship can have in your professional life.

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It Shows Commitment to Your Work

Your shifts can be long and sometimes grueling. You’ll also be away from family and friends for long periods. The bright side to this, from a career perspective, is that it’ll grab the attention of future employers. Companies look for employees they can rely on to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, and the time management skills learned by working on a cruise ship can help you with that. While working on board, you acquire healthy coping skills to deal with working under pressure and to help manage stress. It also shows that you are disciplined and good at following orders from superiors, which is a great skill to carry with you throughout your career.

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It Can Help With Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to help you find a job. Working on a cruise ship has great networking potential because you never know who you’ll meet. Mingling with co-workers is also a great way to network. You can share your tips and tricks with each other, and they may even put you in contact with someone who will enrich your career potential.

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It Is Great For Your CV and Portfolio

While working on board, you learn many new skills that can help you spruce up your CV and catch the eye of potential new employers. These skills can include time management because you’re working long hours and good communication skills since you’re working with people from different backgrounds. You also have the potential to learn a new language as travelling is one of the best ways to do so. Showing that you’re multi-lingual on your CV boosts curiosity, and the person reading your CV is likely to short-list you. Being multi-lingual also shows that you have good communication skills and understanding. Not to mention the uniquely beautiful content it will provide for your portfolio and reels if you’re a performance artist.

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Training can be Beneficial

Before working on a cruise ship, some of them require you to complete the Standards of Training Certification, and Watchkeeping (SCTW) certification. The modules of this certification include firefighting, first aid, security, survival techniques, and personal safety. These skills greatly benefit your CV as it shows that you can handle and take charge in an emergency situation if one should ever occur. It also shows you are great at maintaining a safe work environment for yourself and your colleagues. Another benefit is the interdepartmental training, where the crew can be trained to improve their skills for an upgraded position.

Enjoy Your New Unique Vocation

Working on a cruise ship provides a new working experience that many covet. While working on board, it is necessary to maintain professionalism so that you can keep all your references in check. Remember to work on those skills and network as much as you can while on board. Have fun and enjoy this new experience.


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