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Maintaining Professionalism While Working On A Cruise Ship

While working on a cruise ship gives you the exciting benefit of travelling the world, it’s also important to remember that if you’ve been hired to work on a cruise ship, your main objective should be to remain professional.

Here are some tips to help you maintain professionalism while working on a cruise ship.

Image by Andrew (Pexels)

Perform As Best You Can

There are many different job roles you can apply for through Five Entertainment Management, and no matter which one you get hired for, you are required to perform as best you can. Being able to work on a cruise ship is the opportunity of a lifetime, so it's important to tackle every obstacle with ease and grace. If you're a performer, treat every show as if it is the most important performance of your career. Remember to dress appropriately and honor the dress code if there is one. Cruise ships are often full of industry people, so you never know who might be in your crowd.

Image by ELEVATE (Pexels)

Don’t Party Too Hard

As mentioned in our blog post on health and safety tips, people lose inhibitions when intoxicated. Not only does this increase safety risks, but it can also be more difficult for you to maintain professionalism. For performers, it's best to perform sober to make sure you hit your notes if you're a musician/singer and your marks if you're an acrobat/dancer. Performing intoxicated can make you look sloppy and unprofessional on stage, which could cause people to be put off watching you perform again or even hiring you. A hangover on a cruise ship is not a good mix, so if you decide to party on your days off, it's best to not overindulge.

Image by Jonathan Borba (Pexels)

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

While a small amount of stress is necessary to help drive you forward in your work, it’s important to not overwork yourself to exhaustion. Most cruise ship gigs are weeks or months long, so a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Stress is a silent killer as it can cause poor physical and mental health – such as peptic ulcers, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and high blood pressure. Caring for your mind and body is necessary while working on a cruise ship, especially if you’re a performer. A tired performer won’t perform to the best of their ability and will often make mistakes, show up late to work or develop poor habits that will affect their health. For taking care of your physical health, you can keep up with a consistent exercise routine, stay hydrated, eat well, take your medication and supplements, journal or find another creative outlet outside your work, get plenty of sleep, and rest on days off.

Image by cottonbro studio (Pexels)

Keep Your Ego In Check

You can’t be an artist or a performer without having a little bit of an ego to succeed and get recognition for your art. But that ego should be in check while working on a cruise ship. Your job should be treated like any other job – showing up on time, doing what is expected of you, treating the people you work with and the audience well, and listening to people in charge. Being too demanding and egotistical can come off as self-indulgent, and people will likely not want to work with you.

Remain Competent and Enjoy Your Cruise Ship Work Experience

A cruise ship job can often feel long and tedious. As frustrated as you may feel sometimes, it’s best to gracefully tackle the obstacles with creative problem-solving. Being professional is necessary for career longevity and you’ll likely be rehired. So, enjoy your experience, and remember that kindness goes a long way.


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