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Dancers For Cruise Ships

Dancers For Cruise Ships


Full Time

About the Role

Seeking professional dancers with excellent skills in ballet/contemporary, ability to learn choreography quickly and precisely, and experience performing on stage.

Area of responsibility

  • The position holder is responsible for working as a performer within the theatre ensemble.

  • The Company expects each shipboard employee to consistently exemplify the ship product philosophy principles to all team members. Furthermore, all duties and responsibilities must be performed as per ISM/ISO and SQM standards, USPH guidelines, and environmental, hygiene, and safety policies.

  • Every crew member can be required to perform all functions in the various service areas throughout the ship.

  • For every crew member, the fulfillment of host duties towards passengers ("Side Duties") is part of the scope of their duties. This includes, in particular, but not exclusively, guest guiding or greeting at events such as theatre admission, embarkation days, tender operations, passport controls, public holidays etc.

  • All employees must behave politely and professionally at all times. This applies to the physical and verbal contact with guests or colleagues and all areas in which contact with guests and crew members occurs.

Scope of duties 

  • As a dancer within the theatre ensemble, duties will include performing dance and movement, and may include acting and singing in background roles in the company's show formats.

  • Performing in theatre shows, dinner shows, pool shows, solo programs, special events, group events and other entertainment formats, as well as Live TV formats, if required.

  • Depending on suitability and qualification, a dancer can perform artistic elements or routines (aerial or floor) within the company's show formats and show formats which are created on board.

  • Participating in the development of new synergy performances and events with other onboard artists and guest artists.

  • Attending all required rehearsals for the various entertainment formats.

  • Taking responsibility for their own physical fitness and attending mandatory dance trainings.

  • Ensuring proper care and maintenance of artificial hair and designated costumes.

  • Reporting any conflicts or disruptions in the work routine to their supervisor.

  • Knowledge of the assigned safety number (from the ship's statutes) and the associated safety task.

  • Assuming additional functions during handover and time spent in the shipyard as well as during cast changes.

  • Treating corporate information as confidential, even after your contract has ended.

  • Knowledge, adherence and implementation of all company policies and procedures.

  • Understanding and implementation of the company’s environmental regulations in the workplace.

  • Ensuring the careful treatment of all company property.

  • Active integration in the ship’s community, participation at team meetings.

  • Active implementation of the product philosophy.

  • Ensuring that all work is carried out in the most economical manner possible and in accordance with the agreed quality standards.

  • Compliance with shipboard regulations.

Qualification/Work Experience

  • Completed certified performing arts training or possessing a similar performing arts qualification as a professional dancer.

  • Several years' experience of professional stage productions is desirable.

  • Professional training in ballet, modern, and jazz dancing.

  • Basic singing and acting training are an advantage.

  • Experience of working as a dancer on board a cruise ship is an advantage.

  • English (spoken and written) is required. 

  • Clear understanding of service and customer focus.

  • Good general education.

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